Getting Started

WhenWorks allows clients and colleagues to book appointments with you online.

Scheduling appointments involves two parties:

  • Host – a user who has created a WhenWorks account for Guests to view their availability and book appointments with them online. The Host must install the WhenWorks app on an iOS device running iOS 11 or greater.
  • Guest – a user who visits the WhenWorks website to book appointments with a Host. Guests do not need to run the WhenWorks app. All a Guest needs is a web browser.

This Quick Start Guide is designed for the Host and provides an overview of how to use the iOS app to create event types and publish your availability so Guests can book appointments with you online.

Installing WhenWorks

To get started, download and install the WhenWorks app on your iOS device from the App Store and launch it. The first thing you’ll need to do is create a free WhenWorks account.

The name and email address you use for the account is what guests will see when booking appointments with you online, so enter an appropriate name and email address. You can always change it later in Settings.

The username you enter will be used for your WhenWorks Public Scheduling page, where you can optionally publish events for anyone to schedule with you. For example, a personal trainer could publish events to their WhenWorks Public Scheduling page that allows new or existing customers to schedule training sessions with them. All WhenWorks accounts include a Public Scheduling page but you are not required to publish events on it. You control which event types are private or public.

Creating an Event Type

Once you’ve finished the initial configuration, the Event Types screen is displayed.

Event Types define when, where and how long you are available to accept appointments. For example, you could create a “Phone Call” event that lasts 30 minutes and can be booked on weekdays from 9am to 5pm, or a “Lunch” event that can be booked weekdays at noon for 1 hour.

To create an Event Type:

1. Tap New Event Type > Custom Event Type

Tap New Event Type and you will be presented with the Choose Event Type screen where you can create a Custom Event Type or start from a built-in template. Tap Custom Event Type.

2. Create a Coffee event type

  • Title — Enter the word “Coffee” into the Title field.
  • Icon — As you type the word Coffee, the Set Icon label on the right will change to a coffee cup icon. You can change the icon to something else, if you wish, by tapping it.
  • Published — Enable the Published switch so that the new Coffee event will appear on your Public Scheduling page.

Leave all other settings as they are and tap Create.

3.Tap Email Link, and send yourself an email

A confirmation screen will appear with buttons for copying or emailing the link. Tap Email Link, address the email to yourself and tap Send.

Booking an appointment

Next, open the email you sent to yourself to review the process of a guest booking a meeting with you.

1. Open Email and tap Book Online

Open the email message you just sent to yourself on your computer or mobile device and tap the Book Online button.

You’ll be taken to the WhenWorks website where the following series of pages appear allowing a guest to view your availability and book a meeting with you.

2. Click Get Started

The Get Started page displays basic info about the event type.

3. View Availability and choose a time

The Availability grid shows your real-time availability. A green cell means you are available. A gray cell means you are busy. Tap a green cell to go to the next screen.

4. Enter Contact Info

After selecting a time for the meeting, the guest must provide their contact info to book the appointment.

5. Confirmation Page

The confirmation page displays the details of the event that was booked and gives the guest an opportunity to add the event to their calendar.

6. Confirmation Email

Both the Host and Guest will receive an email confirmation.

7. Event is automatically added to the Host’s calendar

Launch the Calendar app on your iPhone and view the date the sample Coffee event was scheduled on. The event should appear in your calendar. Tap on it to view the Notes, which will include additional details including the email address of the Host and Guest and links that can be used by the Host or Guest to cancel or reschedule the appointment.