What calendar services are supported?

WhenWorks integrates with the built-in Calendar on your iOS device. As such, it is compatible with all of the calendar services that sync with the built-in Calendar, including iCloud, Google Calendar, Outlook.com, Office 365, Exchange, and other CalDAV services.

What’s more, since you can sync your iOS device with multiple calendar services (e.g. Google Calendar for work events and iCloud for personal events), WhenWorks will have access to all of these calendars too, which provides the following advantages:

  • WhenWorks can view your availability across all of your calendars, both personal and work-related. That means, all of the events on your personal and work-related calendars can block your free time so that clients won’t be able to book an appointment with you on your work calendar if it conflicts with an event that is already scheduled on your personal calendar.
  • For each Event Type you create in WhenWorks, you can specify which calendar the event will be scheduled on. This allows you to schedule work-related events like phone calls and meetings on your work calendar, and personal events like lunch dates or drinks after hours with friends on your personal calendar.