Event Options

WhenWorks offers several options that you can configure for each Event Type.

  • Add to Calendar — The calendar that the event will be created on when a guest books an appointment. This allows you to store some event types on work-related calendars (e.g. Phone Calls or Meetings) and other event types on personal calendars (e.g. Lunch or Drinks) .
  • Minimum Notice Before Event — Controls how soon a new event can be scheduled on the current day, to avoid last minute bookings. For example, if it’s currently 10AM and you’ve set a Minimum Notice of 4 hours, the earliest time slot available today will be 2PM.
  • Minimum Time Before/After Event — These settings prevent events from getting scheduled back-to-back, so you have adequate time free between appointments. For example, you could use these controls to allow enough time for travel to/from remote appointments.
  • Availability Increments — You can display your availability online in 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals on the hour. This used to be a global preference but can now be set on a per-invite basis (e.g. Show 15-minute increments for Phone Calls, and 60-minute increments for Meetings).
  • Pre-Booking Description — Information displayed at the beginning of the booking process, where you can explain your services or manage expectations (for example, you could specify pricing for consultations of different lengths).
  • Guest Questions — You can prompt guests to answer questions when booking, like providing their phone number or location, and their answers will be written to the event notes. You can even include multiple choice checkbox and radio button questions.
  • Event Notes — Information that will be stored to the notes field once the appointment is created.